Bulutunu kur – Workshop – Build Your Own Cloud

Hi to all,

Roll out Cloud is arranging training about cloud computing. You may learn about details from http://paydeg.com/PayDegEng.html by clicking on “Education”.

As you may examine the details of the training at the 3rd day, I will be giving information about almost all clouds available in the market. For now only IaaS services are included.

However, I also would like to include training about PaaS, since my background begins with programming.  4 days training includes a workshop about building Eucalyptus/Ubuntu Cloud at the moment. In near future other clouds will be included in the course that you would have opportunity to choose among them.

As you know learning take time, and learning by self takes more. My learning path begins with curiosity then search and read a lot then write a lot about it and the last apply it.

I learned some about Eucalyptus Cloud, I wrote about it and I built it at home first – this is another story, I will share it later on- then I lectured about cloud computing at Kadir Has University and built it again. After getting the feed backs I prepared  my training.

Well I had great time in teaching, so therefore if I deliver training at University for students, price will be much more lowered. And if questions asked to twist me around will be awarded.

Moreover, I can deliver training in English and can travel abroad, so I can deliver training abroad if my logistics  would be paid (my prices do not include logistics).

Please examine details and if you consider to take training you may contact with me; http://paydeg.com/ContacEng.html (my class may have minimum 6 maximum 15 students-  don’t forget to bring your laptops)

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